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What we do?

The program of our Association closely follows the scope of its creation and consists of two main components:

- training of the main users of the Convention,

  1. -providing research, analysis and expertise in national and European human rights field to international and national human rights institutions as well as private professionals practicing in the area of human rights, counseling law-makers and other national institutions and relevant bodies.

Who we are

Europe’s unique system of human rights protection is now part of the Continent’s heritage. But its effectiveness still relies on knowledge and understanding. For applicants and their counsel, how to use it responsibly; for judges, prosecutors and officials, how to apply it in the exercise of their duties.

EHRA was founded by a group of young legal professionals committed to bringing their professional knowledge and the experience gained working at the European Court of Human Rights, to improving the effectiveness of the system.

Through its Europe-wide network of legal experts the Association develops and delivers tailor-made training for contracting States’ judicial and legal communities, provides awareness-raising activities and carries out research and other knowledge assignments.

In partnership with the users of its services EHRA helps disseminate the knowledge needed to promote respect for human rights at home and to minimise mistaken or abusive recourse to the Court. In so doing, EHRA undertakes to play its part in promoting universal access to justice.

EHRA is a non-profit organisation incorporated as an association under French law, with members active in respect of most European States.

Our network

EHRA’s pool of Court-trained human rights experts, made up of lawyers from almost all Council of Europe Member States, are a unique and wide-ranging source of expertise and advice on the European Convention of Human Rights and its implementation, from both country-specific and Europe-wide perspectives. 

They can in particular provide users of the Convention with first-hand practical training on its key technicalities: case-law, procedures, admissibility criteria.

Knowledge serving justice



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EHRA is a non-profit non-governmental organisation registered in France and Romania.